"Dizzy" game engine for gameboy.

"Dizzy", "The Yolkfolk" and all related characters and titles
are trademarks of Blitz Games Limited ("Blitz") and
The Codemasters Software Company Limited ("Codemasters").
All rights reserved. Dizzy and The Yolkfolk created by The Oliver Twins.

Their main character was a funny egg who wears red boxing gloves and red 
boots. Dizzy's adventures started back in 1986, on ZX Spectrum, but kept 
it's fans over the years. You can read more about the Dizzy series on 

For developing the engine I used the game "The Mushrooms Pie" which is an 
example of the DizzyAGE engine. 

DizzyAGE devtools contain the game engine, the map editor, a few tools and 
the default template with tiles, scrips and everything. It is developed
by Alexandru and Cristina Simion.

The engine source code is free and avaliable on the github: https://github.com/untoxa/mushroompie

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Tags8-Bit, dizzy, game-boy, Game Boy, quest, Retro


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Hi! Is this game passable? I want to write it on my cartridge

Shure! It's rather short and easy.

It is very cool! Thanks for your work!!! I saw your software, can you create a dizzy game with this software?

yes, that is possible

Do you know any other languages?